The Seasons

The arctic Norway climate is quite tough but can be mild and warm as well, especially during summertime. Here the sun doesn’t rise from the 27th of november to the 21th of january, it’s the polar night. A quiet time where we have blue light a few hours a day. But in january the sun rises and we earn almost 20 minutes sunlight each day. From the 20th of may to the 24th of july, the sun doesn’t set, this is the period of the midnight sun!

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Land of high contrasts it is possible to enjoy every seasons in our camp, provinding a wide range of outdoor activities, depending the season.


The Norwegian people separate winter in two periods: the polar night, which is the early winter, from late november to late january, and the late winter, when the sun is back and landscapes are full of fresh snow! It is the best time of the year to observe northern lights, mooses and it is the beginning of the ski season as well.



Early spring is a wonderfull period, snow is still there in the moutains and the ski season is at its best and days are longer and longer. It’s a good time to hike as well. On late spring the snow is melting but the light is permanent. The conditions are perfect to hike of go fishing in the sea.



Summer is the time of the midnight sun, it becomes easy to enjoy outdoor life 24 hours a day. Hiking, trail running, fishing, mountain biking, camping, the possibilities are enjoy Arctic Norway’s rich nature are endless. The weather is mild and dry and the fjord is still, blissfull.



In September the days are shorter, the weather is still quite warm and forests are getting more colorfull everyday. The perfect time to take a bike trip in the mountains before the snow recovers the tops or have a wood safari, meeting the wild life of our forests.

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